Danabol 10mg By Knoll

Danabol 10mg By Knoll
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Methandienone : One of the first agents with anabolic effects similar to testosterone. It contains 17 alpha-methyl-androstenedione, frequently known as methandienone, which is a part of many doping preparations. Accelerates the production of proteins, conditioning better training results.


In medicine, the agent is used to treat muscle atrophy, negative nitrogen balance, in the destruction of the body. In addition, the preparation is used to increase muscle mass, strength and as an excellent kickstarter.

The most effective effects are provided by the following dosage:

  • 15-30 mg daily (divided dose).
  • In bodybuilding, it is used in doses of 10-60 mg.

Smaller doses have a slight stimulating effect, larger doses increase the risk of liver damage. Active operation time: up to 6h. Application period: 4-6 weeks.

Effects of action

The mechanism of action is based on moderate blockade of the HPTA system. The preparation inhibits the production of cortisone and supports the production of protein. It shows a strong anabolic, androgenic effect, and a strong aromatization. It affects the secretion of the insulin-like growth factor igf-1. The best effects are noticeable after five days of use. It reaches its peak in the 2nd week.

Advantages of application

  • Great influence on building mass and strength
  • Improvement of well-being during training resulting from stimulating the production of dopamine

Possible side effects

Methandienone is a highly toxic drug, especially if taken in high doses. Due to the protection of the active agent against digestive enzymes, the preparation may affect changes in the level of liver enzymes, therefore it requires extreme caution in taking and limiting the dosage period to a maximum of 6 weeks.

The easy ability to aromatize to estrogen poses a risk of high water retention, edema, increased blood pressure and increased heart rate. It is also possible to develop gynecomastia and left ventricular hypertrophy. When converted to DHT, there is a risk of hair loss, prostate cancer, and acne.

Interesting facts

Methandienone was invented by the American physician John Ziegler and very quickly became the most important doping agent on the market. Its basic ingredient - methandienone is no longer produced since 1982, but many preparations contain its additive.

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